JHS Hard Drive Distortion Pedal - Black

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Dish out new levels of face-melting grit with the JHS Hard Drive Distortion Pedal. This rip-roaring stompbox takes inspiration from the high-gain distortion tones of '90s and 2000s post-grunge, making it perfect for guitarists looking to sling hot, crunchy cranked-amp tones. Unlike any previous JHS distortion pedal, the Hard Drive is an entirely original design, crafted from scratch to bring musicians a one-of-a-kind distortion experience.

After eight years of rigorous experimentation and development, the JHS Hard Drive is ready to take your tone to new heights. Featuring cascaded gain stages, a hard limiting circuit, and a class AB amplifier section, this pedal is fully equipped to deliver a wide range of hot, searing distortion effects. But that's not all - with its 3-band EQ and sweepable midrange control, this pedal has tons of tonal versatility. Whether you want a fat, crunchy tube amp sound or a speaker-shredding wall of distortion, the JHS Hard Drive's comprehensive interface provides musicians with all the tools to craft their dream sound.

Boasting a six-knob control interface, the JHS Hard Drive gives guitarists everything needed to fine-tune their signal. Bass, Mid, and Treble controls allow musicians to dial in their low, mid, and high frequencies, respectively. Noon positions are neutral while turning left cuts frequencies and turning right boosts them. If you need more output, crank the Volume knob, and the JHS Hard Drive will roar to life with an impressive amount of power.

The Drive knob adjusts the pedal's gain circuit and can coax an extensive array of sounds from the Hard Drive. At minimum settings, you'll hear a subtle overdrive. When maxed out, this pedal will pump out a massive-sounding distortion with plenty of 'oomph' behind it.

With the JHS Hard Drive, you're not just getting a pedal; you're acquiring a piece of JHS history and the ultimate tool for modern high-gain distortion tones. If you've been searching for a gut-punching dirt pedal with an aggressive, snarling sound, the JHS Hard Drive is your answer.

Type: Distortion
Power: 9V DC Center Negative
Current Draw: 78mA
Dimensions: 2.6" x 4.8" x 1.6"