JHS Kilt V2 Boost Overdrive Guitar Pedal


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This is the brand new pedal from JHS, The Kilt V2. JHS had the opportunity to work with legendary guitarist, writer, producer and founding member of the famed UK band Delirious StuG. He wanted a dirt box that could essentially cover any and all ground needed for studio and extensive touring work. The Kilt V2 is a 2-in-1 dirt box/boost in a small footprint with all the power, range, options and tons you could ever want. The left side is inspired by the original and highly sought after Expandora but with some great new tweaks to take it to a new level. There are several mini toggles on the top of the box. The G1 toggle adds some extra drive to the circuit, the G2 adds some fuzz, the low cut cuts a little bass when engaged and the order switch enables you to choose whether the boost goes before or after the drive. The right side is a JFET boost with just a slight amount of grit and presence perfect for boosting solos or slamming the front end of your amp. The Kilt V2 is all the killer innovation of it's predecessor just packed into a pedalboard friendly stompbox that is perfect for all 'Dirt Box' aficionados!

-Controls: Volume, Gain and Tone
-Bypass: True Bypass
-Power Supply: 9V AC Adaptor
-Working Voltage: 9V