JHS Legends of Fuzz Series Berkeley Fuzz Pedal

  • JHS Legends of Fuzz Series Berkeley Fuzz Pedal
  • JHS Legends of Fuzz Series Berkeley Fuzz Pedal
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JHS breathes new life into their Legends of Fuzz Series with the all-new Berkeley Fuzz, a snarling dirt pedal that pays tribute to an iconic '70s stompbox: the Seamoon Inc. Fresh Fuzz. This unit had a bright, biting tone that was highly responsive to playing dynamics, making it an instant hit with rock legends like Eric Johnson and Boston's Tom Scholz. Now, JHS brings those same gritty tones into the modern era with the Berkeley Fuzz, and it's great for players seeking an organic-sounding fuzz pedal that cuts like a hot knife through butter.

Like the '73 Fresh Fuzz, the Berkeley Fuzz only has two knobs, GAIN and BITE, making it remarkably easy to dial in fantastic-sounding dirt tones straight out of the box. At lower gain settings, this pedal has a rich, natural sound with excellent articulation. With the GAIN and BITE cranked, this pedal is an entirely different beast - it's mean, gritty, cutting, and perfect for hard, driving riffs and solos.

Complete with a mode switch for extra sonic versatility, the JHS Berkeley Fuzz is excellent for players who want to tap into the hot, snarling fuzz tones of '70s rock 'n' roll.

Power Requirements: 9V DC Center Negative
Current Draw: 4mA
Dimensions: 5.68" x 3.62" x 2"