JHS Legends of Fuzz Series Plugin Fuzz Pedal

  • JHS Legends of Fuzz Series Plugin Fuzz Pedal
  • JHS Legends of Fuzz Series Plugin Fuzz Pedal
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When Jordan Electronics launched the Boss Tone in 1967, it flipped the effects world on its head. This small, molded plastic box plugged directly into the guitar's output jack, and it produced a searing fuzz that was perfect for rock, blues, and anything in need of gritty tones. Unfortunately, the plug-in design wasn't as practical as traditional stompboxes, and the Boss Tone fell out of favor - until now. The all-new JHS Plugin Fuzz replicates the same dirty snarl as the original unit, and it's perfect for players seeking a mean, vintage-inspired fuzz.

Like the Boss Tone, the Plugin Fuzz features two adjustable controls that make dialing in an excellent fuzz tone easy. Using the VOLUME and ATTACK knobs, players can get a wealth of great sounds, from a soft, subtle growl to a nasty, stinging fuzz that'll cut effortlessly through a live mix. And just like the original, once you find this pedal's sweet spot, you'll conjure a rich, organic-sounding fuzz that'll take you right back to the golden era of rock 'n' roll.

Complete with a mode switch that changes its sonic character, the JHS Plugin Fuzz is a stellar tribute to one of the coolest fuzz units of the '60s. Check it out today if you've been in the market for a top-notch fuzz pedal with a gritty old-school sound.

Power Requirements: 9V DC Center Negative
Current Draw: 4mA
Dimensions: 5.68" x 3.62" x 2"