JHS Lucky Cat Delay Pedal - Black

available for immediate delivery


This is the newly fashioned Luck Cat Delay Pedal (formerly known as the Pink Panther) With up to 1000ms of delay time, on-board tap tempo and JHS Pedals' quality boutique construction, the Lucky delay is a pedal you won't want to miss out on. Control Time, Mix, Ratio, Repeats, and Darken with five knobs. You can also switch between tape and digital modes with a side-mounted dip switch for even further tonal control. Whether you’re after cavernous, soaring delays or something more subtle, the Lucky Cat has you covered.

-1000ms of classic digital delay
-On board tap-tempo with ratio subdivision control
-Two modulation settings
-EQ control for the repeats
-Tape/Digital modes
-External tap jack
-Diamond eyes