JHS Pedals Andy Timmons AT+ Overdrive Boost Pedal

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This is the all new Andy Timmons Signature Overrive Boost pedal from JHS. The three position toggle switch is the “headroom” toggle. The down position is the 50 watt mode, the middle is the 100 watt mode and the up position is the 25 watt mode. Each mode has various levels of headroom, volume and gain on tap. The toggle switch enables you to get more versatility out of the pedal. Anything from a nice crunch ideal for rhythm to a searing lead tone is available based on where this toggle and gain controls are set. This allows the AT+ to achieve more overdrive friendly tones than the JHS Angry Charlie cannot. New to the AT+ is an independent foot-switchable Boost. This creates a second channel and gain stage for the pedal. The boost side of the AT+ is a slightly dirty and overdriven pre-boost that allows you to hit the front end of the AT drive channel and achieve more saturation and definition for applications where you need more. Since the Boost is independent, it can be used alone to drive your amp or other drive pedals in conjunction with the AT+ drive channel. If your pedalboard is hurtin' for a great sounding and flexible overdrive pedal, then look no further.

-Controls: Volume, Drive, EQ, Air and Boost
-Bypass: True Bypass
-Power Supply: 9V DC adaptor (sold separately)
-Working Voltage: 9V