JHS Pedals Legends Of Fuzz Series Crimson Red Army Fuzz Pedal

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The Legends of Fuzz Series from JHS Pedals brings several vintage fuzz tones to life with four all-new pedals, paying tribute to the effects that helped shape the sound of countless classic records.

The Crimson is JHS Pedals' recreation of an early ‘90s Mike Matthews Red Army Overdrive. This special version of a Big Muff was the very first Russian-made Big Muff produced, and one of the rarest. With a simple three-knob interface a side-mounted "Mode" switch, the Crimson delivers classic Big Muff tones with plenty of room to contour your sound and make it unique to you. After Volume, Tone, and Distort knobs are dialed-in, the Mode button allows you to access a "JHS Mode", which adds gain and mids to help lead players cut through the mix. With a flexible, yet straightforward set of controls and authentic muff-style fuzz, you won't want to miss out on the JHS Crimson.


-Recreation of a Big Muff-style early ‘90s Russian fuzz
-Volume, Tone, and Distort controls
-Mode button
-Made in Kansas City, USA