JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Series Smiley Silicon Fuzz Pedal

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The Legends of Fuzz Series from JHS Pedals brings several vintage fuzz tones to life with four all-new pedals, paying tribute to the effects that helped shape the sound of countless classic records.

The Smiley is inspired by sixties fuzz face pedals, with silicon transistors that make it an authentic recreation of the originals, now in a more pedalboard-friendly housing. The folks at JHS Pedals kept the simple controls intact, with a Volume and Fuzz knob, plus a Mode switch that turns the Smiley into a high-gain gated fuzz when in its "JHS Mode". If you love the late sixties fuzz tones heard on countless classic rock records, then go with JHS Pedals' Smiley.


-Late '60s-style silicon fuzz
-Volume and Fuzz controls
-Mode button
-Made in Kansas City, USA