Keeley Compressor Mini Pedal

  • Keeley Compressor Mini Pedal
  • Keeley Compressor Mini Pedal
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Keeley innovates once again in the world of compression with their new Compressor Mini. Combining simple design with incredibly responsive compression, this miniature stompbox will have you playing and feeling your best. This compressor features a Manhattan style compression to intuitively and automatically create the perfect blend of dynamic and compressed guitar signals. It might seem simplistic, but by manipulating the level and comp parameters, you can achieve a wide array of organic sounding compressions. This Keeley Compressor Mini comes with a new transient release time which has been meticulously designed to make both single coils and humbuckers sound expressive. No matter what guitar you run through this pedal, it's going to sound impeccable. With a new automatic tone recovery circuit installed, your treble frequencies will always come through clear and articulate, no matter how much you squash your signal. Whether you're a live performer, recording engineer, or anything in between, if you're looking for stellar compression in a miniature-sized enclosure, look no further than Keeley's Compressor Mini.

An increased sustain range for even more subtle compression
Auto-blend to enhance clarity and note definition
A new transient release time that makes humbuckers sing and single coils pop
Automatic tone recovery, a treble clarifier for high compression settings
A built in preamp for incredible guitar tone
9 volt, 10mA current draw, designed and built in the USA