Keeley Fuzz Bender with Active EQ

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Keeley's Fuzz Bender is a 5-knob, 3-transistor fuzz pedal that combines germanium and silicon, delivering heaps of tonal versatility. It even comes with an active EQ, powered by two gyrators that give you the ability to get a huge variety of different fuzz styles, from a wall-of-sound muff to a triangular edge. You also get a Bias control that makes it easy to get a glitchier tone. The Fuzz Bender works great with guitar and bass, and is designed and made in the USA. If you value versatility in your fuzz pedal, then go with the Keeley Fuzz Bender.


-Five Knob Hybrid Fuzz with Japanese Germanium Transistor
-Ginormous Level and Fuzz controls you can move with your feet!
-Gyrator Bass and Treble controls with 20 dB boost each!
-Bias Control for glitchy-velcro attack
-Great for guitar AND bass!
-Simple in/out top mounted jacks, true bypass
-9 volt DC, 20mA power jack, no battery
-Designed and Made in the USA