Keeley Verb O Trem Eddie Heinzelman Reverb & Tremolo Pedal

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Keeley's VoT - or Verb-O-Trem - combines reverb and tremolo into one pedal. Rate, Reverb, Depth, and Level are your controls, while a three-way switch lets you choose from three tube-amp style tremolo modes: R+T (organic tube bias type), Mack (MagnaAmp style), and Harmonically Amplified Resonator. You can also use the pedal's reverb or tremolo individually or together! This pedal is the perfect companion for renowned session musician Eddie Heinzelman - perfectly versatile and easy to dial in, adding plenty of flavor to his Country/Americana style.


-Reverb Tremolo Combo
-Vintage Two Spring Splash or Smooth Plate Reverb
-Three tube-amp style trems: Volume, Pitch, Harmonic