Maestro Titan Boost Pedal

  • Maestro Titan Boost Pedal
  • Maestro Titan Boost Pedal
  • Maestro Titan Boost Pedal
  • Maestro Titan Boost Pedal
  • Maestro Titan Boost Pedal
  • Maestro Titan Boost Pedal
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Maestro's Titan Boost is a powerful boost pedal designed to blend seamlessly into your rig, regardless of your guitar, pickups, or pickup switch position. If you've been in the market for a versatile boost with some serious tone-shaping potential, look no further.

The Titan has 25dB of clean boost on tap, making it great for a wide variety of uses. Need some extra juice to highlight solos and lead lines? Set the output a little past noon, and it'll give your playing the extra 'oomph' it needs to stand out. Looking to drive your tube amp into rich, natural overdrive? Crank the Level control, and you'll conjure sizzlin' classic rock tones for days.

The real magic behind the Titan, though, is in its tone-sculpting abilities. Using the Titan's HI-pass filter and Tone control, players can eliminate high-frequency shrillness and low-end muddiness from their signal, giving them a well-tamed sound at any volume.

Designed to fit into any player's setup, the Titan is perfect for players seeking an incredibly dynamic boost pedal that's easy to use.

Controls: Tone, HPF, and Level
Switches: True Bypass footswitch, Flat/Hi-Pass Mode toggle switch
LED Indicators: Red, yellow, and blue bugles in the Maestro logo illuminate when the pedal is active
Signal Processing: All-Analog
Power Requirements: 9V battery or regulated 9VDC power supply (5.5 x
2.1 mm plug, wired center-negative) Current Draw: 38.6 mA
Power On Switch: Incorporated into the input jack. Unplug the input when not in use to prevent battery drain. Remove the battery when the pedal is going to be stored for long periods to prevent leakage and damage.
Input Impedance: 400 kOhms
Output Impedance: 280 Ohms
Switching: True Bypass
Dimensions (D x W x H): 5.04" x 3.45" x 2.50" (128.0 mm x 87.6 mm x 63.5 mm) Weight: Net: 1.20 lb. / 544.3 gm. Gross: 1.56 lb. / 707.6 gm.