Meris Ottobit Jr. Bitcrusher Pedal

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Level up your guitar tone with the Meris Ottobit Jr. Bitcrusher Pedal! This ultra-versatile stompbox takes inspiration from '80s arcade games, allowing musicians to dial in bitcrushed distortion, percolating sequencer effects, and chaotic pitch filtering. To call the Ottobit Jr. just a bitcrusher wouldn't capture the full scope of its capabilities; it's a creative powerhouse that'll completely transform the way you play with its retro, glitched-out voice.

At the core of the Meris Ottobit Jr. is a stereo bitcrushing section, which can be used to dial in a wide range of gritty, digital-sounding textures. The top three knobs on the front panel are responsible for adjusting the sample rate reduction, the stereo low-pass ladder filter, and the bit depth of the signal. Using these three controls alone, musicians can generate swampy, low-resolution distortion, robotic fuzz effects, and metallic, buzzing overdrive sounds. In addition to the primary controls, the Ottobit Jr. includes a stereo gate to keep your signal clean even when you crush it below 8 bits.

A standout feature of the Meris Ottobit Jr. is its six-step sequencer, which can be assigned to control pitch, filter frequency, and sample rate. With the lower three controls, you can set the speed of the sequence, multiply the tempo of the sequence, and set how many times it repeats after detecting a pick attack. You can also hold the alternate button and use the top knobs to set the value of each corresponding sequence step, with the option to skip or mute a step if desired.

The Ottobit Jr. shines when you use the sequencer to manipulate pitch, creating synthy, '80s-infused arpeggiations. If you set it to modulate the sample rate, you'll conjure a gritty, chaotic sound with a menacing character. Use the sequencer to control the filter frequency, and you'll unleash a percolating modular synth effect.

For real-time control, the Ottobit Jr. is equipped with an expression pedal jack, enhancing your live performance capabilities. It also features a stutter function, which chops and repeats your guitar signal to produce glitched-out effects. With 22 stutter settings across full-speed, double-speed, and half-speed categories, the Stutter control offers a wide range of tonal options. Once you've chosen a setting, use the tap tempo switch to set the time it takes between when you play and when the stutter begins, and hold the switch to freeze the current stutter indefinitely.

The Meris Ottobit Jr. Bitcrusher Pedal is a one-of-a-kind tool that brings the nostalgic sounds of vintage arcade games and modular synths to your pedalboard. Whether you're aiming for classic bitcrushed effects or wild, synthy percolations, the Ottobit Jr. is an essential addition to any pedalboard.

-Premium quality 24-bit A/D and D/A
-32-bit floating point DSP hardware
-Analog Devices JFET input circuitry
-Bypass: Selectable True Bypass (Relay) or Analog Buffered Bypass
-Finish: Durable black powder coat with fine metal flake
-Current draw: 150 mA
-Dimensions: 4.25" wide, 4.5" long, 2" tall