Mesa Boogie Subway Ultra-Lite 2x10 500W Bass Speaker Cabinet 8 Ohms


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The new 2x10 Subway diagonal bass cabinet brings even higher power handling to the ultra-portable, ultra-lite Subway cabinet lineup. This 2x10 stacks nicely on another 2x10 diagonal, and both 1x12 and 1x15 Subway cabinets, creating more mix-and-match rig options that are easy to transport, handle the power and look as impressive as they sound when used in combination!

-Power Handling: 500 Watts
-Speakers: 2-10" Subway Neodymium Drivers / High-frequency horn
-Dimensions: 21" x 19.5" x 18.5"
-Weight: 43 lbs

-Designed & Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
-Tuned Front Ported Tri-Port Porting
-Aviation style bracing (superior strength/reduced weight)
-Lightweight Italian Poplar
-Combination Speakon & 1⁄4” Input and Parallel Output
-Recessed, Flip-Out Metal Handles
-Black Bronco Vinyl with Black Metal Grille
-Lexan Corners
-Slip Cover