Milkman Sound The Amp Stereo Guitar Amp Pedal

  • Milkman Sound The Amp Stereo Guitar Amp Pedal
  • Milkman Sound The Amp Stereo Guitar Amp Pedal
  • Milkman Sound The Amp Stereo Guitar Amp Pedal
  • Milkman Sound The Amp Stereo Guitar Amp Pedal
  • Milkman Sound The Amp Stereo Guitar Amp Pedal
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Packing high-quality stereo amplification into a compact, heavy-duty enclosure, The Amp Stereo is the ultimate stereo amplification tool for musicians seeking the best of the best. This top-notch guitar pedal follows in the footsteps of Milkman Sounds The Amp and The Amp 100, adding stereo amplification features that make it great for a wide range of performance settings. If you've been searching for a premium stereo guitar amp pedal that'll coat your signal with studio-grade tones, look no further than The Amp Stereo - an essential part of any guitarist's setup.

From the moment you unbox The Amp Stereo, you'll notice its sleek and intuitive interface that makes dialing in your favorite tones effortless. With volume, treble, and bass controls for both the left and right channels, users can create two entirely unique sounds and send them to different locations, whether that's two speaker cabinets, recording interfaces, or otherwise. In addition to the EQ section, there's also an output knob that controls how much of the signal from both preamps goes to the pedal's output - it's like the master fader on a mixing console.

Looking to send your signal straight into a powered speaker or to the FOH engineer? The Amp Stereo has you covered. With its built-in cabinet simulator, you can ditch your rig entirely and still get incredible-sounding tones that'll captivate audience members and fellow musicians alike. Of course, you can always turn the cab sim off using the switch on the back of the pedal, depending on your preference.

If you want to integrate this pedal into your current setup, you won't have to worry about compatibility. Its dual outputs can power speakers of varying impedances. Send the left channel to an 8ohm bass cabinet and the right into a 4ohm guitar speaker - you won't run into any issues. Only rich, saturated tones that'll keep you coming back for more.

Aside from the 7-knob control panel, The Amp Stereo features two footswitches that provide further versatility. Tap the left footswitch, and you'll sum both preamps. When using a stereo input, it'll create a mono summed signal that sends out of both channels. Press the right footswitch, and you'll invert the output of the right channel, a helpful tool for aligning phase if your speaker cabinets aren't wired the same.

Hand-built in California using only the finest components, The Amp Stereo from Milkman Sound is a must-have for any guitarist, bassist, or musician seeking top-of-the-line stereo amplification. Reach out today for more information about this incredible guitar amp pedal!