Mono M80 Sleeve Acoustic Dreadnought Gig Bag - Black

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Mono's M80 Sleeve is a streamlined gig bag for players who want to travel without any extra baggage. The Sleeve still features many of Mono's innovative qualities, but in a more minimalist sense. Its Top-Loading design makes for quick opening and easy access to your acoustic. Plus it features a slimmed-down variation of their Headlock design, ensuring your acoustic’s neck and headstock are safe, and thanks to shock-absorbing EVA rubber, plus more EVA rubber in the bottom of the case's insole, the entire acoustic is kept safe. If you need storage, the Sleeve features a messenger bag style storage pouch. And with Mono's signature "military spec" construction, you have another layer of safety and peace of mind when transporting your acoustic in one. Simple, secure, and stylish, the Mono M80 Sleeve is a great choice for protecting your dreadnought acoustic guitar.