Mono M80 Vertigo Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Gig Bag - Black

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Mono's Vertigo Semi Hollow electric guitar gig bag delivers unmatched quality and protection for your electric guitar. The Vertigo features a fully redesigned Headlock neck suspension system that doesn't require any velcro or "strapping-in" of any kind, as it automatically clamps down on your instrument's neck, keeping it safe and secure. The Vertigo also features The Boot, which consists of a custom molded rubber outsoule and EVA insole that protects your guitar’s strap pins, and overall protects it from drops. It has storage options aplenty, too, and is compatible with the Tick for even more storage, if you need it. Plus, like all Mono cases, it is built to "military" specs, with a water-resistant Sharkskin shell, steel rivets, bar-tack stitching, high-grade webbing, and a rubber sole/piping made of Hypalon. Look no further than the Vertigo if you want to keep your semi-hollow electric safe and secure.