MXR DD25V3 Dookie Drive Pedal V3 - Unicorn

available for immediate delivery


The MXR Dookie Drive captures the punch and definition of Billie Joe Armstrong’s dirty yet articulate sound. To celebrate the launch of Green Day’s eclectic thirteenth studio album “Father of All...”, MXR is releasing a special limited edition of this pedal with all-new artwork that features the album cover’s rainbow-upchucking unicorn over a brushed aluminum housing.


-Get Billie Joe Armstrong's dirty, punchy overdrive sound
-Captures the tones of both of Billie Joe’s custom amplifiers in a single pedal
-High Gain section supplies tons of scooped gain
-Crunch Gain section serves up a well-defined midrange
-Blend the two sounds together just like Green Day did in the studio
-Unique circuit design built from the ground up by the award-winning MXR team
-Limited edition artwork celebrates the launch of Green Day’s “The Father of All…” record, featuring the album cover’s unicorn over brushed aluminum housing