MXR FOD Drive Overdrive Pedal

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The FOD Drive takes two classic amp circuits and puts them into one convenient pedal-sized housing. One of the amps was modified for scooped, high-gain playing, while the other amp was modified for a punchier midrange crunch. These two overdrives can be played separately or blended together via the pedal's Blend knob. While they are remarkable on their own, they complement each other incredibly well thanks to the scooped nature of the High Gain channel and the midrange punch of the Crunch Gain channel. The FOD Drive also comes with a Scoop switch so you can further contour your mids from a choice of flat, scooped, or boosted voicings. Thanks to MXR's award-winning team of engineers, the FOD Drive is shaping up to be one of the coolest and most unique gain pedals you can find.


-Controls: Output, Gain, Blend, and Tone knobs
-Scoop Switch: flat, scooped, or boosted midrange
-High Gain and Crunch Gain channels