MXR M280 Vintage Bass Octave Pedal

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If you're looking for a warm, vintage-style bass octave effect, then MXR has you covered with the M280 Vintage Bass Octave pedal. This mini-sized effects pedal has Dry, Octave 1, and Octave 2 controls. Octave 1 controls the one-octave down volume, and Octave 2 controls two-octave down volume. The pedal also has a MID switch that boosts your midrange between 6 and 13 decibels, with the range controlled by an internal trimpot. This is an exceptional bass octave pedal with simple controls that's adaptable to any player's rig.


-Dry, Oct 1, and Oct 2 control knobs
-Mid Boost switch (+6 to +13 dB) via internal trimpot
-Small size "mini" footprint