Native Audio Midnight V2 Tap Ramp Phaser Pedal

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Native Audio's Midnight V2 is one of the best phase shifters on the market. Its straightforward set of controls include knobs for Mix, Feedback, Depth, Rate, and Slow (Fast) knobs. Version 2 also features an internal volume trip pot that allows up to 12 dB of gain, as well as an updated circuit with a tightened bass response and lower noise floor. With its all-analog phasing, digital control, five waveforms, and vibrato/phaser mode, the Midnight V2 is a truly brilliant pedal.


-Added mix control to obtain 2-stage, 4-stage, and vibrato sounds
-Internal volume control to add gain to your phaser tone
-All-analog signal path
-Two and four stage phasing modes
-Vibrato and phaser mode
-Five different waveforms
-Tap phaser with four subdivisions
-Ramp phasing that alternates between two speeds
-Internal/external tap tempo and ramp control
-True bypass soft touch switching
-Top-mounted jacks

About the Artwork (from Native Audio):

The Midnight’s artwork is based on an art piece from a Blackfeet artist that my dad gave me before his passing in 2017. The Blackfeet used the teepee as a source of shelter and in the design, the teepee stands on the Blackfeet plains underneath the midnight sky.

-Mike Trombley, Owner