Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star V2 Pad Reverb Pedal


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The Dark Star from Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a reverb that goes beyond a standard spring or plate. Its primary function is creating reverb pads, which can set the tone for music, provide atmospheric drones, and overall, create a mood beyond a standard reverb unit. It features three different modes, each with its own character. Pitch mode turns CTRL 1 and CTRL 2 into individual pitch selectors that range in near-octaves with each control. Delay mode functions as it sounds, adding controllable delay to the signal via the CTRL knobs, which allow users to adjust the time and feedback of the modulation. In Crush mode, users get a pitch control and a bit crushing effect, giving the signal a great lo-fi flair. With all these elements combined, the Dark Star provides players lush and adjustable layers to add to their projects.

Version 2 features expression out jack and clickless switching with an output level that is tweakable via an internal trim pot.


CTRL 1 – Depends on mode (Pitch – pitch control, Delay – delay time control, Crush – pitch control)
CTRL 2 – Depends on mode (Pitch – pitch control, Delay – feedback control, Crush – Crush rate control)
Mix – Controls the wet/dry mix of the signal
Reverb – Controls decay of the reverb
Hold – Momentary sustain switch that will hold onto whatever is being fed into it until released
Bypass – On/off true-bypass switch

Takes 9VDC – 2.1mm center negative pin adapter. 60 mA draw.

Does not include power supply.