Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim Reverb Delay & Reverse Pedal

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors' Minim is a modulated reverb pedal with a wide array of lush, ambient sounds at your disposal. It is a Reverb, Delay, and Reverse pedal. The Minim’s modulated reverb features controls for mix, modulation, and decay. The post-reverb modulated delay has controls for volume, delay time, and feedback, and the reverse portion of the pedal has controls for mix and speed. You can also use the pedal’s order switching to choose where the Minim’s three effects lie in the chain. And thanks to an internal trimpot that controls output level, as well as an expression jack for controlling the reverse mix, you have a highly versatile pedal with a huge variety of tones. Old Blood Noise Endeavors has truly outdone themselves with the all-new Minim.


-A modulated reverb with controls for mix, modulation, and decay
-A post-reverb modulated delay with controls for volume, delay time, and feedback
-A reverse section with controls for mix and speed (for double time effects), activated with a clever footswitch for momentary or latching operation
-Order switching to put reverse first in the chain for ambient wash or last in the chain for glitchy textures
-Expression jack for external control of the Reverse mix
-Internal trimpot to control output level
-Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power