Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession V2 Reverb Pedal


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The Procession Reverb from Old Blood Noise Endeavors can get as deep and dark as its name implies, but functions just as well as a simple reverb with a touch of air to its character. Its controls are straight-forward, with the reverb and mix knobs corresponding to the reverb itself, while the speed and depth control its three modulation options – Flange, Filter, and Tremolo. It features two footswitches – one to control the on/off of the true bypass and the other to sustain whatever note is sailing through the pedal at the time (as long as it is held down), providing a ton of atmospheric possibilities.

Version 2 features expression out jack and clickless switching.


Speed – Controls the speed of the modulation effect
Depth – Controls the depth of the modulation effect
Mix – Controls the wet/dry mix of the signal
Reverb – Controls the reverb’s decay
Hold – Acts as a sustain switch when held down, holding the current note/sound in place
Bypass – On/off true-bypass switch

Takes 9VDC – 2.1mm center negative pin adapter. 60 mA draw.

Does not include power supply.