Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus Pedal V3


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The Reflector Chorus V3 is Old Blood Noise Endeavors' take on a dense, heavily modulated chorus sound. With its simple, yet wide-ranging controls, including Rate, Depth, Mix, and Modulate knobs, you can get a huge array of lush, lively chorus sounds. Plus, the three-way mode switch lets you choose between Wrinkle, Washed, and Mirrors settings, with Wrinkle mode being a "vibrato-esque warble chorus with the added option of pitch selection", Washed Mode being a "simple lush chorus, and Mirrors Mode being a "Detuned Chorus meets Flanger." This is a versatile, high-quality boutique chorus pedal that would make a welcome addition to any player's rig.


-Rate, Depth, Mix, and Modulate knobs
-Three-way mode toggle switch
-9VDC - 2.1mm negative center pin adapter.
-60 mA draw.