Orange Sustain Pedal

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Orange's all-new sustain pedal is the perfect tool for guitarists looking to smooth out their tone. With its compact design, pure sound, and intuitive layout, this stompbox is a great addition to any player's board.

The Orange sustain pedal smooths, regulates, and refines your signal, making the soft parts louder and the loud parts softer, resulting in an even and consistent sound. Using the level control, players can increase volume to their desired amount without losing their guitar's natural tone - and there's plenty of volume on tap. It can also be used to take the edge off note attack and create rich, warm tones that allow expressive hammer-on fingerings and exceptional inter-note smoothness.

Whether you're looking to use the Orange sustain pedal as a unique effect or a means of cleaning up your signal, this pedal is an excellent choice and is sure to impress budding players and vetted pros alike.

Features: Low Power Consumption, Buffered Bypass, Double LED Indicator
Controls: Level, Depth
Power: 9/12 V DC Adapter Center Negative)
Current Draw at 9V: 7 MA
Dimensions: 3.62 × 4.02 × 3.31"