Rainger FX Echo X V2 Gated Delay Pedal

  • Rainger FX Echo X V2 Gated Delay Pedal
  • Rainger FX Echo X V2 Gated Delay Pedal
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Rainger FX's Echo X V2 is the world's first gated delay pedal, allowing players to manipulate time and space like never before. Whether you're looking for stuttered echoes, runaway feedback, or anything in between, this pedal has a wealth of sounds on tap.

Improving upon the beloved Echo X V1, the new version is a digital delay where the repeats can be controlled by the envelope of the guitar signal itself. When you stop playing, the repeats will stop, too, creating a unique sound that almost feels like a tightly-edited guitar sample. If you're on the experimental side, you'll love how this pedal handles feedback oscillations. Each phrase can have wild, howling feedback with silence in between, with a new wave of feedback coming in on the following phrase. Combine this with real-time control via the included Igor controller, and you'll be conjuring pitch-bent echo swirls in no time.

Even though the Echo X V2 has four switches, five knobs, three LEDs, and a foot controller, it still fits into a mini enclosure, allowing you to save precious real estate on your board. And dialing in great sounds is easy and intuitive - with familiar controls for Level, Rate, Feedback, Input, Volume, and Gate, this pedal has all you need for standard delay sounds, plus some extra features for unprecedented sonic versatility.

Complete with a send function that allows you to lean on the Igor pad for 'on the fly' delay, the Rainger FX Echo X V2 is excellent for players seeking a high-powered miniature delay pedal.

-Several modes of cutting-edge delay control
-550ms maximum delay time
-Repeats filtered for maximum 'musicality'
-New layers of building feedback on power chords!
-A Rainger FX Igor controller for real-time expression
-Echo swoops, stutters and crescendos that stop on a dime
-A Rainger FX custom mini-pedal enclosure - with no sockets on the side!