Rainger FX Flanger-X Flanger Pedal

  • Rainger FX Flanger-X Flanger Pedal
  • Rainger FX Flanger-X Flanger Pedal
  • Rainger FX Flanger-X Flanger Pedal
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Rainger FX's Flanger-X is a thrilling new flanger pedal capable of churning out anything from subtle chorus effects to massive, sweeping modulation. Though it's digital, it has an incredibly unique analog sound reproduction of a rocket launch, a feature that's sure to excite adventurous players. If you've been searching for a one-of-a-kind flanger that'll bring a new dimension to your playing, this stompbox is sure to scratch an itch.

At its core, the Flanger-X is a powerful flanger pedal that's great for adding rich modulation to your signal. The FLANGE and RATE knobs set the intensity and speed of the modulation respectively, while the FBK knob increases the amount of twangy fast echo repeats as it's turned up. These alone can be used to create a wealth of awesome-sounding effects, from soft warbles to quick, sputtering chorus and everything in between.

When you're ready to get experimental, the Flanger-X has you covered, thanks to the analog rocket effect on board. Using the ROCKET knob, players can layer rocket noise into their signal, from completely silent to ridiculously loud. Players can also use the ENV pushbutton switch to change the rocket noise from following the envelope of the input signal to being constantly on, giving it an entirely new sonic character.

That's not all the Flanger-X has going on, though - using the IGOR pad, players can increase modulation speed on the fly, allowing for dynamic mid-performance changes. And just for fun, Rainger FX included an IGOR pushbutton switch on this pedal that changes the function of IGOR to add a burst of rocket noise whenever pressed - it's particularly great for adding loud, crunchy textures to solos and breakdowns.

Keeping up with typical Rainger FX tradition, the Flanger-X pushes the boundaries of conventional modulation, making it perfect for experimental players seeking a powerful and unique flanger.

Type: Flanger
Current Draw: 80 mA