Redbeard Effects Honey Badger Octave Fuzz Pedal

  • Redbeard Effects Honey Badger Octave Fuzz Pedal
  • Redbeard Effects Honey Badger Octave Fuzz Pedal
  • Redbeard Effects Honey Badger Octave Fuzz Pedal
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Named after the world's most fearless creature, the Honey Badger Octave Fuzz from Redbeard Effects is an aggressive octave fuzz that goes straight for the tonal jugular. Combining speaker-shredding fuzz tones with sub-octave effects, the Honey Badger is perfect for players seeking a high-end octave fuzz pedal.

The Honey Badger Octave Fuzz features an all-analog signal path, giving it a rich, warm grit, great for guitarists looking to thicken up their rhythm playing or turn their leads into a massive wall of fuzzy mayhem. No matter what your needs are, this little tone monster is more than capable of delivering the goods.

Using the Volume, Bass, and Treble controls, players can set the overall output of the Honey Badger and sculpt their tone to perfection. Users can then dial in the Fuzz knob to set the intensity of the fuzz effect, from mildly distorted to wickedly fuzzed-out. The real magic behind the Honey Badger, though, is in the Divide and Octave knobs, which allow players to add -1 and -2 octaves down to their playing for truly earth-shattering tones. Use the Honey Badger as a face-melting fuzz or as a destructively-distorted octave effect - either way, it's sure to lead to downright ludicrous amounts of fun and creativity.

Complete with a heavy-duty enclosure, Redbeard Effects' Honey Badger is an excellent choice for players seeking one of the best octave fuzz pedals ever built.

Type: Octave, Fuzz
Controls: Volume, Divide, Octave, Bass, Treble, Fuzz
Analog or Digital: 100% Analogue Signal Path
True Bypass: Yes
Power Requirement: 9V DC
Enclosure: Custom Powder-coated and Anodized Enclosure
Accessories: 2 x Redbeard Effects Stickers and a Redbeard Effects PCB Key ring