Seagull S6 Cedar Original Slim Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar


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This is the phenomenal S6 Slim model by Seagull. This is the "Slim" version of the S6 and has a conveniently sized neck. The S6 Slim is for those who prefer a conventional nut width as opposed the wide neck on standard S6. The S6 represents the Seagull philosophy perfectly combining the absolute best set of features for sound and playability at the most affordable price possible. The Seagull S6 favors function over form offering a guitar that sounds and plays like it might cost 3 times it's price in an elegant yet modestly appointed package. We do not believe there is another acoustic available at the price that compares to the quality of the S6. The fit, finish and overall feel of the guitar are absolutely outstanding and the sound is warm and woody with plenty of projection and excellent note definition. The 3 ply cherry back and sides yield a tone somewhere between mahogany and maple and match very well with the solid cedar top. That's 3 plies of cherry wood, not the usual "junkwood" sandwiched with paper thin veneer of a more exotic tonewood that's usually found on budget oriented acoustics. This 3 ply all-cherry design offers much better tone then conventional methods of wood lamination. The S6 is suitable for virtually any style of acoustic playing from strumming to fingerpicking. The S6 features a genuine polished lacquer finish that's very thin and lets the tonewoods do what they ought to do, resonate freely. Seagull guitars have a great set up right from the factory and they play extremely well with excellent fretwork and intonation. The S6 is our "go-to" guitar when someone comes to our store and asks "what's the BEST guitar for the money". If you're looking for the very best budget priced acoustic or high quality alternate to your "high-end" guitar, you must try an S6!


-Top: Solid Cedar
-Back: Wild Cherry
-Neck: Silver Leaf Maple
-Finish: Semi-Gloss
-Body Depth: 4.9”
-Body Length: 19.8”
-Lower Bout: 15.87”
-Nut Width: 1.72”
-Scale Length: 25.5”
-Upper Bout: 11.38”
-Waist: 10.54”