Spaceman Effects Artemis Modulated Filter Pedal

available for immediate delivery


Artemis is a modulated filter pedal made by the folks over at Spaceman Effects. With multiple LFO waveforms such as Triangle, Ramp Up, and Random, upward and downward envelope sweeps, plus high pass, low pass, and band pass filters, you have a huge range of tonal textures at your disposal. You get knobs to control High Pass, Band Pass, and Low Pass filters, as well as Frequency, Amount, and Sensitivity knobs on the right side of the pedal, in addition to Mode and Res mini-knobs on top. Add an expression pedal input and CV connectivity, and you have even more control over the Artemis. With its huge range of tones, the Artemis is a great companion for adding color and texture to your tone. Hand-wired and built in Portland, Oregon.


-Simultaneous HP, BP, and LP output
-Notch filter and custom filter responses possible for phased and vibe-like tones
-Up to 10dB of boost per output, with infinite cut
-15Hz-5kHz corner frequency range
-Modulation may be disabled for use as a 3 band EQ
-Additional control via external expression pedal or CV