Spaceman Effects Ixion Optical Compressor Pedal - Yellow

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Spaceman Effects' Ixion is an optical compressor that makes it easy to get a smooth, fat compression sound, no matter what instrument you play. With its contour and treble controls, this pedal allows users to retain high-end clarity and low-end depth, making it an excellent tool for bassists and guitarists alike. Check it out today if you've been in the market for a premium compressor that'll take your tone to the next level.

The Ixion features an intuitive interface that allows users to easily sculpt their signal. Using the Level and Threshold controls, players can set the amount of make-up gain and the compression ratio. They can further use the Mix knob to blend in the compression effect from 95% dry to 95% wet. The Treble and Contour controls act as a way to regain any frequencies lost by compression, and they're great for fattening up your bass tone or giving your guitar signal some bite and articulation.

In addition to its 5-knob interface, the Ixion has a sidechain jack that opens up some unique creative possibilities for adventurous players. One option is to hook up a TRS volume or expression pedal to control compression on the fly for maximum adaptability. It's also great for musicians who perform with drum machines and want the compression to engage whenever the percussion hits.

The Spaceman Effects Ixion was designed with versatility in mind, making it an excellent choice for guitarists and bassists seeking a top-of-the-line compressor with tons of tones on tap.

Type: Compressor
Color: Yellow
Power Requirements: 9-18V DC, 2.1mm negative center
Input Impedance: 500k ohm
Current Draw: 32mA