Spaceman Effects Limited Edition Comet Equinox EQ Pedal

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Spaceman Effects' Limited Edition Comet Equinox is a powerful tone-shaping tool that's perfect for guitarists and bassists who want to take full control of their signal.

The Equinox's passive circuit features an abundance of options that haven't been applied to traditional EQ stompboxes until now. First up is the low-frequency section, where users can center the frequency of the low band from 30-150Hz and boost/cut it up to 6dB, making it an excellent choice for bass players. Users can then center the frequency of both the high cut and high boost and change their volumes independently, allowing for tons of exciting sonic variations. For players who need scalpel-like precision, the Equinox has a bandwidth knob that alters the width of the high boost band, so users can narrow in on one specific frequency or boost a broad range for a smoother sound.

With its sleek design, comprehensive controls, and unlimited signal-sculpting potential, the Equinox is a fantastic choice for players seeking a powerful EQ pedal that can completely change the tone of their instrument.

Input Resistance: 500K Ohm
Bypass Current Draw: 2mA
Engaged Current Draw: 4mA
Input Voltage: 18V DC, negative center via the 2.1mm jack
Width: 5.72"
Depth: 4.77"
Height: 2.24"