Spaceman Effects Meridian Chorus Pedal - Silver

  • Spaceman Effects Meridian Chorus Pedal - Silver
  • Spaceman Effects Meridian Chorus Pedal - Silver
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Fresh from Spaceman Effects is the Meridian Chorus, a revolutionary stompbox that gives players complete control over time-based modulation. Experience lush choruses, expressive pitch vibratos, comb filtering, and ethereal vocal flanges, all in one extraordinary unit. If you're searching for a boutique modulation pedal that offers limitless tone-shaping capabilities, you can't beat the Meridian.

The Meridian's signal path is optimized for exceptional audio quality, featuring noise-reducing companding, an MN3007 bucket brigade IC, and custom filtering. You'll experience a pristine, articulate tone while still enjoying the warm analog characteristics that BBDs are loved for. And thanks to the MN3007's delay time range of 0.8ms to 50ms, players can cover an extensive range of time-based effects.

While it has a galaxy's worth of tones at its disposal, the Meridan's intuitive interface makes it easy to dial in dreamy, ambient modulation. MIX and LEVEL controls allow players to control the wet/dry blend and the pedal's volume, while a REGEN knob adds negative feedback to the signal. The RATE and WIDTH knobs adjust the behavior of the LFO, and these are your bread and butter for creating everything from subtle chorus effects to bizarre, warbling modulation.

That's not all the Meridian has to offer, though - using the mini toggle switch, players can choose between three LFO waveshapes: Sine, Triangle, and Flux. Sine and Triangle have a more conventional character, producing classic-sounding chorus, flanger, and vibrato effects. Flux is only for the boldest players and is perfect for conjuring chaotic, seasick modulation.

Complete with expression pedal compatibility, true-bypass relay switching, and a cast-aluminum enclosure, the Spaceman Effects Meridian Chorus is ideal for guitarists and bassists looking to transcend musical boundaries and create captivating sonic textures.

Dimensions: 3.68 x 4.73 x 2.25 inches
Input Resistance: 1 Meg Ohm
Bypass Current Draw: 32mA
Engaged Current Draw: 58mA
EXP / Control Voltage: 0-5V DC TRS Jack - Over / Reverse voltage protected
Input Voltage: 9V DC, negative center via the 2.1mm jack