Spaceman Effects Polaris Resonant Filter Overdrive Pedal - Silver

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Spaceman Effects Polaris is described as a Resonant Overdrive, with a medium-level gain structure and wide-ranging controls. Its tonal flexibility is brought on by a two-pole resonany filter, two switches, and four knobs, as well as an expression pedal input to control filter sweeps. Level, Drive, Initial, and Filter are your four knobs. The Filter knob in particular allows for detailed control of three filter options, which can be selected from via the 3-way Depth toggle switch. Meanwhile, the Bass toggle switch gives three specific levels of low-end boost. In addition, the Initial knob blends in overdrive tone, and adds an extra level of tonal versatility when used in conjunction with the Filter knob. With its unique controls and boutique, high-quality construction, the Polaris is one of Spaceman Effects' finest pedals.


-Medium Gain overdrive Pedal
-Bass and Depth toggle switches (3-Way)
-Level, Initial, Filter, and Drive knobs
-Handmade in Portland, Oregon