Spaceman Mission Control Expressive Audio System Pedal - White

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Mission Control is an autofader, dynamic effects loop, wet/dry blender, Y-splitter, two-channel mixer; signal router, customizable tremolo, buffer, interface for CV and expression control, and more. For additional flexibility, multiple Mission Controls can even be linked together via the included CV in and out ports.

Explore infinite routing options, clever mixing capabilities, and deeply expressive dynamics with Mission Control: Expressive Audio System.

By using the In and Out jacks alone, Mission Control is a very musical autofader, with the Actuate foot switch as your interface. Inserting an effect or chain of effects into the Effects Loop, Mission Control allows you to fade between Loop and Dry signal. Every jack has multiple possible functions, making Mission Control the ultimate signal routing device, with an endless supply of creative uses.

Mission Control can alter your signal alone or coax every nuance from an effects loop and can tie those aspects to a further stage of both expression jacks and or other cv devices. LFOs, a one shot, (swell up or down) and a dynamic response can be applied to all of these functions. Attack, Release, Offset and Blend controls are artfully paired to each setting making every mode easily accessible for its full potential. While the mission control is in itself a powerful sonic tool without further aid, the magic of combining these features with other effects and devices is unmistakeable.