Stomp Under Foot Dirt Preacher Fuzz Drive Pedal


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The limited run Stomp Under Foot Dirt Preacher packs the warmth and grind of classic tweed amps into a pedal. At higher gain settings the Dirt Preacher mimics tweed amp pushed by a fuzz pedal.

From Stomp Under Foot...

I love the sound of a Tweed amp being pushed by fuzz and wanted to recreate that sound with other amps and the Dirt Preacher accomplishes that and more.

Setting all the controls at noon and the gain around 10 o'clock gives you full, dirty, fuzzy Tweed break-up. As you start to turn the gain up it introduces more fuzz and starts to get into a gnarly, gritty, wooly monstrous sound like a Tweed amp being pushed to the edge and punished by fuzz.

I used four different and specific transistors to get the sound I wanted including a germanium transistor for vintage grittiness in the fuzz and give lead notes a little tube-like sag.

An interesting thing I discovered about this pedal, if you run it through a Tweed amp it actually pushes the amp more into Marshall territory. It's like stacking two Tweed amps into each other creating a deep gain with creamy leads.

These will be limited due to the availability of the Germanium transistors.

-Includes NOS Germanium Transistor
-9V Battery or 2.1 9V Adapter Only
-NOS Parts
-Handmade in the U.S.A.