Strymon Compadre Dual-Voice Compressor and Boost Pedal

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Strymon's Compadre is a dual-voice compressor that brings studio-quality compression right to your fingertips, along with a fantastic boost circuit. Whether you're after a vintage sound or something more modern and transparent, the Compadre has your back. You can choose between Squeeze (vintage) and Studio (modern) sounds via a two-way switch, while a three-way Boost EQ switch lets you choose what frequencies you want to bring to the forefront, with a choice of treble, mid, or flat. And with four simple-to-use knobs, the Compadre is easy to dial in just to your liking: Boost, Compression, Dry, and Level are your controls. And thanks to independent footswitches, you can individually engage Boost and Compression. Plus, the Compadre is made form the highest-quality components, and also uses a unique combination of digital and analog circuitry to bring together digital control and an all-analog signal path. From top to bottom, Strymon's Compadre leaves no stone unturned in bringing the absolute best to players in need of a quality compression/boost pedal.


Sound Design
-Premium analog VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) compressor circuits
-Two voicing options: smooth studio compression and hard pedal style compression
-Independently controlled clean or dirty boost circuit with 3 EQ options
-Dirty boost option provides overdrive when boost is engaged
-DRY Knob lets you blend the dry signal with the compressed signal to preserve attack transients

Ins, Outs, and Switches
-High impedance ultra low-noise discrete Class A JFET preamp input
-Low impedance mono output
-Output VCA allows Compadre to function as a volume pedal when a standard TRS expression pedal plugged into the dedicated Volume jack
-Compatible with MiniSwitch for remote selection of a Favorite preset
-Compatible with MultiSwitch Plus for remote selection of 3 presets
-Full featured MIDI control. Access to 300 presets and remote parameter control via quarter-inch TRS. (requires Strymon MIDI EXP Cable or MIDI > TRS interface)

Audio Quality and More
-Selectable True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching) or ultra low-noise Buffered Bypass
-Strong and lightweight anodized dark red aluminum chassis
-9V DC power supply included. Power requirements: maximum 9 volts DC center-negative, with a minimum of 150mA of current
-Compressor Signal/Noise: 109 dB typical
-Dimensions: 4.5” deep x 4” wide x 2.5” tall (11.4 cm deep x 10.2 cm wide x 6 cm tall)
-Designed and built in the USA