Teisco Distortion Pedal

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Heavily influenced by British distotion pedals, Teisco's Distortion provides all the gain you could ever need, while boasting a versatile layout and responsive EQ. Level, Gain, Tone, and Presence are your main four control knobs, while the More part of the pedal can be used on its own as a clean boost, or stacked with the distortion circuit. The pedals' Muscle switch adds another gain stage, and the Tight switch does just as its name implies - tightens up your sound for a more focused tone. The Teisco Distortion is a fantastic pedal from top to bottom.


-Controls: Level, Gain, Tone, Presence, Muscle, Tight, More
-Power: Standard 9V DC with 2.1mm center-negative barrel
-Current: 40mA
-Switching: True bypass
-Dimensions: 94 x 132 x 31.4 mm (w/o feet, 32.8 mm w/ feet)