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Repairs - Customization - Restoration 

Cream City Music offers a world class fretted instrument repair shop. - We provide a full range of repair services to our customers both local and international. We specialize in vintage guitar repair and restoration. Our three man repair team is comprised of some of the most talented luthiers and techs in the industry and we are committed to a level of service and quality that is second to none. 

Talk to us. - Unlike many repair shops, we encourage active dialogue between our team and you, our friends and customers. We believe the best setups, custom builds, & guitar and amp modifications can be achieved when you have a direct line to our experts. It's part of what makes Cream City Music unique. We want you to be part of the family.

We do it all.Whether a starter level Epiphone or a classic '69 Telecaster we provide the full compliment of services, from precision setups, pickup installs, re-fretting, and headstock repair, to custom modification or de-modification of your guitar or bass. We cover the entire range of servicing your gear. Don't see something you want to do on our menu? Drop us an email, chat with us live, or call us toll free. We're here to make your sonic ideas become reality!

Our Repair Shop is open:
Tuesday - Friday
11 AM - 7 PM
Saturday - Sunday
10 AM - 5 PM

Meet Our Luthiers:

webpic.jpgRon JonesSo many players are familiar with our master luthier Ron Jones that he is almost a brand name in Milwaukee. He brings world class quality to our repair shop with over 25 years of hands on experience building, repairing, and restoring fretted instruments. He is the go-to guy when something bad happens to your instrument – his depth of experience covers just about everything type of repair under the sun. Ron performs all of the service work on Cream City's vintage instrument selection and on all customer repairs. His services include neck resets, crack repairs, custom bone nuts, total or partial refrets, heat pressing, headstock repair, binding repair, A+ setups, and so much more. He can cover all the bases for your service needs. If you have a question about an instrument repair you can stop in our shop or give us a call and Ron will answer any questions you might have about your instrument.












tyler32.jpgTyler Schenk - Tyler is the most recent addition to our in-house luthier team and has been repairing guitars professionally for the past six years. His first job was at the Beyond 11 guitar shop in downtown Milwaukee in 2012 and he made the move to become luthier at Guitar Center, Brookfield in 2013. Tyler joined Cream City Music in February of 2017 and has since become an essential part of the Repair & Restoration team along with Ron Jones, our master luthier. Tyler’s services include: setups & restrings, advanced wiring and electronics, bone nut & bridge saddle carving, fret leveling & dressing, minor neck/body crack repairs, acoustic and electric pickup installation and body & binding repairs.