ThorpyFX Camoflange Flanger Pedal

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The ThorpyFX Camoflange is an incredibly versatile analog flanger pedal with a wealth of spinning modulation tones on tap. Built in collaboration with LOVETONE pedal designer Dan Coggins, the Camoflange exudes quality in every aspect of design. From its 6-knob interface to its dual wet/dry outputs and ultra-durable laser-cut chassis, this pedal is a must-have for any modulation-loving musician seeking a premium flanger pedal.

At the heart of the Camoflange is an NOS Matsushita BBD, giving it a delightful tone that really needs to be heard in person - trust us, this flanger sounds phenomenal. But don't worry, it's not a one-trick pony - it's one of the most versatile analog flanger pedals on the market. For starters, in addition to the Depth and Rate controls, this pedal has a Blend knob - a rarity amongst flangers. This allows users to dial in the perfect amount of modulation, from just a whisper to 100% modulated.

The Camoflange also has a Manual knob, which adjusts the rate and frequency of the flanger effect. With this knob alone, you can create dry, hollow tones, liquidy chorus, and pitch-bending effects. From there, musicians can use the Harmonics control to create different textures and harmonics that can self-oscillate into musical chaos when cranked.

Rounding out the Camoflange is the Treble control, a great tool for taming high frequencies that get out of hand. Plus, this pedal has both a wet and a dry output, a necessary feature for stereo pedal buffs.

No longer do analog pedal enthusiasts have to suffer from their favorite effects not having the same versatility as their digital counterparts - with the ThorpyFX Camoflange, musicians can create any flanger sound imaginable. Contact us today to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind analog flanger!

Six Knobs: Depth, Rate, Treble, Manual, Blend and Harmonics.
Outputs: Wet and Dry
Enclosure: Laser cut and laser etched stainless steel wrapped in an MTP green powder coat base
Power Requirements: 9V Standard DC input
Size: 100mm x 125mm x 53mm
Current Draw: 50mA