Vintage Titano by Audio Guild Imperial 20W 1x12 Tube Combo Amp - 1971

available for immediate delivery


A vintage 1971 Titano Imperial 1x12 tube combo amp in great cosmetic condition. Titano is one of the many licensed amp brands manufactured by Magnatone and then later Audio Guild. After leaving Magnatone in the 1960s, chief engineer Don Bonham went on to for the Audio Guild Corporation. These amps featured the same pitch-shifting vibrato circuit that made Magnatone amps famous. This has a great clean tone that turns in to a pleasant, mild overdrive tone as you turn the amp up. On top of that it has a great reverb and, of course, the Magnatone-style vibrato. This amp has been cleaned and tested. It is fully functional and sounds awesome.

-Serial #: 4757
-Power Output: approximately 20 Watts
-Tubes: 7591 (2), 6GH8, 12AX7 (2)
-Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble | Volume, Tone | Intensity, Speed, Duration (Reverb)
-Dimensions: 24'' x 21.5'' x 9.5"
-Weight: 45 lbs

Cosmetics (see phtotos)
-original Tolex
-original grillcloth
-original handle
-original back panel

-replacement speaker: 12" Eminence Red Whit & Blues
-original transformers
-original circuitry
-original power cord
-no footswitch