Universal Audio 1176 Compressor Pedal

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Since its 1967 debut, the Universal Audio 1176 has been the "secret weapon" for audio engineers seeking legendary-sounding compression. Used on countless recordings for artists such as Green Day, Muse, and U2, the 1176 has more than earned its heralded status. Now, Universal Audio has packed those same incredible compression effects into a compact, portable stompbox with the 1176 Compressor pedal - the ultimate tool for discerning musicians.

The 1176 Compressor features three main modes to help lay the foundation for your tone: SINGLE, DUAL, and SUSTAIN. Set it to SINGLE, and you'll conjure a subtle squeeze that's great for smoothing out your sound. If you need something more intense, flip the switch to DUAL, and the 1176 will recreate the sound of two units stacked in parallel. SUSTAIN offers the most compression and is perfect for getting ultra-squashed tones.

With a 5-knob interface, the 1176 offers a lot of tone-shaping potential. Input and Output controls are your basic level-setting tools, while Attack and Release controls allow users to refine the sound of the compression. Additionally, the Ratio knob goes from off to infinite, so players can use the 1176 as either a standard compressor or a limiter if needed.

Complete with switchable true/buffered bypass, the Universal Audio 1176 Compressor is excellent for players who want stellar, studio-grade compression tones in a pedal format.

Power Requirements: Isolated 9VDC, center-negative, 250mA minimum (sold separately)
Inputs: 1 x 1/4" TS unbalanced
Outputs: 1 x 1/4" TS unbalanced
Height: 5.81 cm, 2.29 inches
Width: 6.55 cm, 2.58 inches
Depth: 12.07 cm, 4.75 inches
Weight: 0.650 lbs (0.299 kg)

SKU: GPS-1176