Universal Audio Del-Verb Ambience Companion Reverb and Delay Pedal

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Universal Audio's Del-Verb Ambience Companion is the ultimate pedal for players who love experimenting with time-based effects. Combining the legendary Golden Reverberator with the Starlight Echo Station, this unit packs six unique delay and reverb algorithms into one compact enclosure. If you've been searching for a single pedal to handle all your reverb and delay needs, this stompbox is an excellent choice.

On the reverb side, the Del-Verb features three unique settings: Spring 65, Plate 140, and Hall 224. The first mode, Spring 65, dishes out a stellar vintage-inspired '60s tube amp reverb with a rich, classic sound. Plate 140 recreates the dense, haunting sounds of late '50s studio plate reverbs, and it's great for players who prefer hazy ambiance and warm, full tones. The final mode, Hall 224, emulates a late '70s digital studio reverb, and it's sure to be a hit with players who love '80s platinum pop and '90s alt-rock.

For delay, the Del-Verb also has three modes that cover a wide range of tonal territory. When set to Tape EP-III, this pedal creates a notably vintage-sounding delay with an older, grittier sound. The second mode, Analog DMM, delivers a warm, dark delay inspired by the Deluxe Memory Man. The final setting is Universal Audio's own Precision delay, and it has a bright, cutting character that helps it stand out in denser mixes and louder performance settings.

Packing six studio-grade tones into one single stompbox, the Universal Audio Del-Verb Ambience Companion is perfect for players seeking a versatile pedal that doesn't compromise on sound.

-Award-winning Starlight Echo Station and Golden Reverberator algorithms in one easy-to-use pedal
-3 must-have vintage delay and reverb machines: Delay - Tape EP-III, Analog DMM, Precision. Reverb - Spring 65, Plate 140, Hall 224
-Combine any delay and reverb algorithm to taste
-Buffered bypass with trails
-Analog dry through