Used Epiphone Viola Bass - Vintage Sunburst


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What makes this guitar special: If you're looking for an affordable version of the Historic Viola style bass, then Epiphone's Viola Bass is a great option. This lively bass's tone comes from a maple body and neck, witha great set of pickups and quality hardware. The NYT and NYR pickups do a fantastic job at recreating the original's British Invasion-influenced mini-humbucker tone, while its body shape and 30.5" scale give a comfortable, lightweight in-hand feel.

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent overall condition. This bass has a few minor surface scratches, but they do not show in photos due to their miniscule nature. Otherwise, it is practically spotless, and comes with Cream City Music's signature setup, so you know it will play great with fresh strings and low action.

Neck: Maple neck with 30.5" scale, 1.65" nut width, dot inlay fingerboard, set-glued neck joint.

Body: Maple body in Historic Viola style with Vintage Sunburst finish.

Electronics: NYR mini humbucker in the neck and NYT mini humbucker in the bridge. 2x Volume controls, Master Tone.

Weight: 7 lbs. 2.6 oz.