Used PRS HDRX 50 Tube Amp Head 2022

  • Used PRS HDRX 50 Tube Amp Head 2022
  • Used PRS HDRX 50 Tube Amp Head 2022
  • Used PRS HDRX 50 Tube Amp Head 2022
  • Used PRS HDRX 50 Tube Amp Head 2022
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A 2022 PRS HDRX 50 head.  Reverse-engineered from one of Jimi Hendrix's favorite Marshall heads, the HDRX faithfully recaptures the that Woodstock tone.  This amp has seen very little use and is in exceptional condition.  It has been cleaned and tested.  It is fully functional and sounds absolutely fantastic. Includes original shipping box and documents.

From PRS...

The PRS HDRX 50 captures the flexibility and balance of late 60s British-inspired tone in a powerful 50-watt amplifier. A continuation of PRS's popular HXDA amplifiers, PRS HDRX amps feature a refined control layout and a newly-documented "Authentic Hendrix" Touring Circuit. This circuit is heavily inspired by one of Hendrix's personal amps, purportedly used at Woodstock, which Paul Reed Smith and PRS Amp Designer Doug Sewell were able to study in 2018.

Designed to push the high-end so it is very clear, but not so much that it's harsh, the PRS HDRX shines without glaring and allows for aggression that can be backed off for smooth, sweet tones. The PRS HDRX 50 is driven by a pair of EL34EH power tubes, the best pre-amp tubes available, and a custom-designed Straight Edge output transformer. The HDRX 50 mimics the 100 watt power supply while using its own custom 50-watt transformer, which makes it much closer in output and tonal character to the 100 watt amplifier than a normal 50 watt amp. The power supply and filament design also make the HDRX remarkably quiet with little to no amp "hum or hiss."

The PRS HDRX 50 features a 3-band TMB tone stack, 3-way bright switch, high-mid gain switch, and presence controls. These features mirror the historic amp and give players flexibility and increased control of their tone. The PRS HDRX 50 is also designed with internally bridged channels with individual volume controls. This eliminates the need for a jumper cable (historically used on the outside of the amp) and allows players to more easily dial in their distortion level and tone by blending the lead and bass channels' individual volume controls, bringing more modern convenience to the amp.

Made in PRS Guitars Stevensville, Maryland, USA factory, PRS HDRX 50 amps are an exhaustive recreation of tone, a celebration of history, and a monument to modern technology.

-Power Output: 50 Watts
-Tubes: EL34 (2), 12AX7 (3)
-Controls: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Treble Volume, Bass Volume
-Dimensions: 21.5" x 10" x 10"
-Weight: 35 lbs

-60s Plexi-style circuit
-Internally jumpered channels
-3-way bright switch
-High-mid gain switch
-Speaker-emulated direct out