Used Satellite Amplifiers Mudshark 20W 1x12 Tube Amp Head & Cabinet - 2014


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A 2014 Satellite Amplifiers Mudshark head and 1x12 cabinet. With a circuit inspired by the iconic 60s Supro Thunderbolt combo, the Mudshark features a dead-simple control set and an amazingly-responsive overdrive tone. This amp has been cleaned and tested. It is fully functional and sounds fantastic.

-Power Output: 20 Watts
-Tubes: 5Y3, 5881 (2), 12AX7 (2)
-Speaker: 12" Celestion G12H Creamback
-Controls: Gain, Tone
-Head Dimensions: 22" x 10" x 8"
-Cabinet Dimensions: 23.5" x 16" x 10" -Weight: 58 lbs