Used Victoria 35115 35W 1x15 Tube Combo Amp 2007

available for immediate delivery


A used Victoria 35115 tube combo amp in nice condition. Based on component dates, this one was manufactured around 2007. It is in great shape overall but has enough minor blemishes that you won't be afraid to take it to a gig. With a snappy, midrange-focused tone, this amp has a rich overdrive that is perfect for blues or rock. It has been cleaned and tested. It is fully functional and sounds great.

From Victoria...

The narrow panel Fender Pro embodies the under-appreciated virtues of a good 15” speaker nestled in a pine box. The Victoria 35115 has an uncommonly open and airy feel that’s perfect for swingin’ blues. Contrary to what you may believe about 15’s, the top end is chimey and stout. The 35115 is a big favorite here in the City of Big Shoulders, and you’d have to pry Jimmy Vivino’s (Conan O’Brien’s band) 35115 from his cold, blue fingers.

-Serial #: 3177
-Power Output: 35 Watts
-Tubes: 5U4, 6L6 (2), 12AX7 (2), 12AY7
-Controls: Presence, Bass, Treble, Vol. Bright, Vol. Normal
-Dimensions: 22'' x 20'' x 10.5''
-Weight: 45 lbs

Cosmetics (see phtotos)
-original tweed
-original grillcloth
-original handle

-replacement speaker: 15" Eminence Legend 1518
-original transformers