Vemuram Butter Machine Distortion Pedal

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After two years of research and development, the Vemuram Butter Machine Distortion pedal has hit the ground running! This powerful stompbox is a collaboration between Vemuram and studio legend Michael Landau, and it's the perfect distortion pedal for guitarists who love punchy, driven tones that don't compromise on clarity.

The Vemuram Butter Machine is a dynamic distortion pedal that can go from a subtle overdrive to a rippin' distortion just by adjusting the Gain knob. It's also an incredibly reactive pedal - your picking intensity has a lot to do with the Butter Machine's rich, expressive sound. Dig in hard, and you'll unleash an aggressive tone with plenty of punch. Play softer, and the Butter Machine will dish out a velvety overdrive with just the right amount of treble bite.

In addition to a set of Gain, Tone, and Volume knobs, this pedal has Low-mid and Sparkle trim pots. The Low-mid control allows musicians to layer the perfect amount of bottom into their signal, giving their tone extra weight and depth. The Sparkle knob adds a "peaking" boost centered around 6K, and it's great for dialing in extra crunch.

With the Vemuram Butter Machine, you're getting a no-frills distortion pedal built to the highest standards. It offers a remarkably open, natural-sounding drive with exceptional sustain. But when you crank the gain and dig in hard, it roars to life with a mean, howling distortion. If you could only have one dirt pedal on your board, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better-sounding stompbox than the Vemuram Butter Machine.

Transistors: N/A
Controls: Volume, Gain, Tone / LOW-MID Trimmer, SPARKLE Trimmer
Switches: ON/OFF
Terminal: Input, Output
Power: 9 Volt Battery or 9 Volt regulated AC/DC adapter (Center Negative)
Size: 70(W) x 113(D) x 50(H)mm
Weight: 425g
Current Draw: 12.5 m/A