Vintage 1936 Gibson EH-150 15W 1x10 Tube Combo Amp


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A vintage 1936 Gibson EH-150 in amazing cosmetic condition--the famous "Charlie Christian" amp. Quite versatile for an amp of its era, it offers nice, thick clean tones from the instrument input and crunchy overdrive from the mic input. With the 'Bass Tone' engaged this amp has great bottom end. This model was clearly the pinnacle of its era, and it is no wonder why it remains a desirable vintage amp. This amp has just been serviced with brand new filter capacitors. It is fully functional and sounds fantastic. Includes original canvas slip cover.

-Serial #: 4028
-Power Output: approximately 15 watts
-Tubes: 5Z3, 6N6 (2), 6C5, 6N7, 6F5
-Controls: Mic Volume, Instrument Volume, Tone Switch
-Dimensions: 15.5'' x 14.5'' x 9 1/2''
-Weight: 25 lbs

Cosmetics (see photos)
-original covering
-original handle
-original back panel
-original canvas slip cover

-original speaker: 10" Gibson Ultrasonic Reproducer field coil
-original transformers
-original signal resistors and caps
-new replacement electrolytic filter capacitors (disconnected originals still present)
-replacement microphone jack (original included)
-original power cord